MIRAGESOFT is an indie studio based out of Seoul, Korea. It was founded by Joohyung An who was fascinated by the virtual reality technology and developed “VR Cinema 3D” video player which was the first of its kind. He later joined Oculus Facebook as a software engineer and contributed in developing “Oculus Cinema”. At Oculus, he met Mark, a seasoned marketing & business development professional, who also was a believer of VR. We were able to see how the technology will disrupt the future of not only gaming but also the entire IT industry. 

And now, we gathered again to create immersive high quality VR content under the vision to create a VR content which transforms real world into a virtual world for anyone can enjoy. We believe that VR/AR will be the medium which connects people and gives access to the new world without spatio-temporal constraints. We are proud to be a part of this great journey and excited to deliver our games and content to this still growing ecosystem.


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