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Together Edition Updates

Let’s jump in and fish together!


What is new?




– Create or join a room that is listed from Multiplayer Menu on the TV Screen at the Lodge.
– Change the name or set a password of the room you are creating.
– The host decides the game server, location(Lodge/Fishing spot) for the users in the room.
– The guests can see the host’s aquarium, achievements, medals, furniture, etc at the Lodge.
– Voice chat is automatically activated when entering a room and can deactivate it from the menu.
– “Push to Talk” can be found in the Multiplayer menu, by enabling it, voice chat will be active only when you are pressing the thumbstick.
– Username will be highlighted in yellow when the user is talking
– Pop-up messages are displayed when users catch the fish, enter or leave the room. These will be recorded on the “Notification” from the console menu.
– Display of user’s information can be turned on and off from the Menu
– You can add friends directly from the Multiplayer menu. To send a friend request, your Oculus ID must be connected to Facebook
– To quit, select “QUIT MULTIPLAYER” on the Multiplayer menu from the lodge TV or from the console menu.
– The tutorial for multiplayer has been updated.
– New achievements for multiplayer has been added.




– New Private Room added for character customization. You can enter it through the door right side of the TV.
– You can customize gender, face, hair, mustache, eyebrow, outfits, accessories, etc in the private room.
– Equipment you have purchased are displayed in the private room.




– The exterior design of the lodge has been changed; you can go outside of the lodge.
– The way of taking a screenshot has been changed. Pressing the A or X button will bring out the camera, then to selfie mode, and back to hide the camera. You can take a picture by the trigger button and also grab the camera – with your hand by using the grip button
-Point to “KEEP” or “RELEASE” you wish to select after catching the fish.



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