Announcement for the Rift Beta Testers

Announcement for the Rift Beta Testers


“Please be advised that the game progress in the Beta version is separate from the progress in the Live version. The progress in the Beta won’t be transferred to the progress in the Live version and vice versa.”



### New Features


– Added 30 new EPIC fish species (15 freshwater species & 15 saltwater species)

– The EPIC fish species can be caught only on “EXPERT” mode at Lv. 20. Every stage has different species.

– A new shark, Mako Shark will appear randomly while fishing at saltwater stages.

– Added 8 new saltwater aquarium decorations.

– 5 new achievement rewards are available – Porpoise, Seal, Dolphin, Avatar Suit, and Submarine

– 6 New boats (3 new freshwater & 3 new saltwater boats).

– Users now can change their boats and color from a kiosk located at the deck.

– New avatar apparels (22 clothes, 9 hats, 7 glasses) can be bought from the STORE menu.

– Fish weight, a personal best record notification, and a season score will be displayed on the info panel at fishing spots. The personal best record notification will pop up only when you catch a bigger size of any fish you’ve caught previously.

– 3 Multiplayer Room Types: Public, Private, Party

   1. Public: Anyone can join the room (Oculus Party Voice Chat deactivated)

   2. Private: Room with password. (Oculus Party Voice Chat deactivated) 

   3. Party: Only Oculus Party members accessible (Oculus Party Chat activated) 

– “Boost Event” newly introduced. During the event, users will earn a multiplier bonus both on Experience points and Credits “ONLY” during a multiplayer session. (Season score is not affected.) Boost Events will be available during the beta test.



### QoL Improvements


– An achievement reward will be given when after accomplishing all 5 levels.

– Fish Information (Name & Image shown at the FISH menu at the lodge) will be displayed for those caught before; otherwise, they will be obscured.

– Added a “QUIT” button on the console menu to end the game instantly.

– Max credit has been increased to 300,000 from 100,000.



### Notes


Following features are not available during the beta test

– LEADERBOARD menu from the TV screen

– Cloud Save or Load


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